Zine Fair Lady is a choose your own adventure style Zine where you navigate a queer book fair as a trans woman. It's based on the author's experiences with queer scenes. It also features neat art!

Content Warning: Transmisogyny, Nudity and Sex-Talk: Probably NSFW.

Author's Note: I wrote it in my peak winter bitterness and while many of the stories are lifted from my interactions with the queer scene in general, the zine fair depicted is meant to be a fictional amalgamation of shit that is NOT at all intended to be a call out for Queer Between The Covers bookfair, who's organizers i think are doing a really stellar job at trying to make trying to make an accessible venue for awesomeness. Honestly this year was better than ever, and i'd feel like a jerk forever if people thought i was talking shit about it.

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